It's time to rethink they way we lead and live.

It's time to love your leadership life.

Dr. Julia Barrow

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This is my Story


After retiring from a decades long career in professional leadership, I decided to take my time to figure out what I wanted to do next. 

As I unwound from dealing with the daily stresses of leadership, I was finally able to see how it was showing up beyond my work life.  I saw how it was showing up in my mental, emotional, and physical health even after I was no longer in a leadership role.

It wasn’t until I stumbled into life coaching that I was able to figure out what was happening.  After diving in and applying the tools I was learning, I clearly saw that what was happening was far beyond what I thought it was.

I dug in to intensively study what nobody had taught me anywhere to connect the dots and applied the tools and concepts I was learning to my own life.  The benefits resulted in a whole other level of self-leadership.  So much so, that I dove back into my career as the Founder and CEO of my own life and leadership coaching practice.

Today, instead of dreading the ups and downs of life and leadership, I actually enjoy and thrive in it all.  I look forward to it every day.

This is the power of elevating your self-leadership.

Helping you to love your leadership life is my specialty. I help leaders to grow professionally and personally and to show up to both in the best way.

I have taken what I learned throughout my more than thirty year professional leadership career, my expertise in mind and emotional management, and my obsession with all things life and leadership coaching to design Loving Your Leadership Life™ for anyone who desires to reinvent the way they lead and live their life.

I love hearing from my students that they do not even recognize who they were before they learned and applied the tools I teach them. 

The greatest part is that in doing the work for themselves, they end up improving the experience of the people around them as well.  It's like a beautiful ripple effect that spreads across to others.

You can vastly determine how you lead and live your life.  Why not make it amazing?



You can love your leadership life.

Step into what you want it to be.

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