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The Power of Stopping to Connect

When tragedies keep happening, it can seem as if it is out of our hands and that there is nothing we can do.

Today, I asked myself what I can do in response to the Nashville school shooting.

Here is the response that immediately came to mind.

It turns out that it is something we can all do.

Listen to discover:

  • Why feeling like you don’t belong strikes up fear and the fight or flight response.
  • How the pandemic, the fast pace of change, and increasing uncertainties have contributed to disconnection and loneliness.
  • The impact of social isolation on mental disorders.
  • How social connection disrupts the fight or flight response.
  • The primary reason we don’t connect with others or offer help to those in need as much as we can.
  • The difference that less than one minute of compassion can make to lessen the anxiety of others.
  • How to seek connection even when you think you have nothing in common with someone else.
  • Strategies to build social connection, belonging, and hope.

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